How To Make A Fruity Fizzy Drink

How To Make A Fruity Fizzy Drink

How To Make A Fruity Fizzy DrinkThere are lots of people out there that like drinking fizzy drinks.  Do you?  Why not do a fun science experiment that leaves you with your own fruit soda to drink afterwards?  With a few ounces of your favorite citrus fruit, s little bit of water and spoonful of baking soda you can learn how to make a fruity fizzy drink.  So clean off the counter and get ready to make your own fruity soft drink with this fun experiment for kids!


What you need:

  • Citrus fruit (lemons, limes and oranges)
  • Drinking glass
  • Water
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • Some sugar or stevia to make it sweet


How to do it:

1. Squeeze as much of the juice from the fruit as you can into the glass.
2. Pour in an equal amount of water as fruit juice.
3. Stir in the teaspoon of baking soda.
4. Give the mixture a taste and add in some sugar if you think it needs to be sweeter.


Why it works:

The mixture you are creating should go all bubbly and taste like a fruity soda or fizzy drink.  If you added some sugar or stevia it may even taste like one of the fruit flavored soft drinks you can buy at the store.  The bubbles that form when you add the baking soda to the juice and water mixture are carbon dioxide (CO2).  These are the same bubbles you’ll find in commercial soft drinks (they add a few other flavored sweeteners but it’s not much different than what you are making).  In case you are wondering how the carbon dioxide bubbles form, they are a product of the chemical reaction you are creating when you add the citrus fruit juice (an acid) to the baking soda (a base).  As they neutralize they give off heat and gas as by products.  Don’t worry, the heat is dissipated by the liquid.


For some extra fun:

  • Add in chunks of the fruit you used to make it a healthy snack!
  • Use food coloring to make your fruity fizzy drink look like the fruit you used!  Add yellow for lemon, mix blue & green for lime or mix red & yellow for orange.  Now you’ve got yourself a real looking soda.
  • Don’t forget the ice if it’s a hot summer day!


How To Make A Fruity Fizzy Drink



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